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It is a good time to expand your digital horizons with the Now TV Sky free, 30-day trial. You can enjoy movies that are shown on Sky a good 12 months before they arrive on other subscription services like Netflix and Lovefilm Instant. You may be a “Twi-Hard” and you are eager to own the fourth and final installment of the vampire love story from the Twilight saga. You may be intrigued by what you have heard about the Life of Pi, with its excellent reviews and Oscar-worthy production values. Or perhaps you enjoyed the first-rate, action thriller Taken with Liam Nisson. He rescues his daughter from the clutches of sex-slave brokers, and now he has another struggle and a race against time. You can have easy-access to the sequel Taken 2, and watch the father save his place in his broken family with his heroic actions. Film and sport come alive with digital clarity without waiting.  Sky programming will include sports like Premier league, Test cricket and Formula One action.

The world is becoming digital where entertainment is available on an expanding number of devices. The Now TV Sky package allows you to connect two devices to the service. You may already have the Xbox game console so the addition of a live, gold membership will be fairly easy to do. You may want to purchase a set-top box called YouView to customize your entertainment experience with Sky networks. These networks are based in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The digital service can also be connected to the Roku or Apple TV device, which turns your television into a smart tv with internet access. You may already be familiar with streaming video using your personal computer or Mac.

You can currently watch movies through Sky from Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony, Warner, Universal and more. You can view your movie content on- demand or as part of a monthly subscription service for 15 British pounds. Classic films are 99 pence and newer film releases are priced at 3.50 pounds. There have been impressive reviews of the YouView box that is priced at 300 pounds. It is a sophisticated computer interface. But you can also receive your digital content on your current mobile device. It is an advantage not to have the costly cable or satellite monthly service and still have great flexibility and quality for your entertainment.

Alright, so you are interested in this digital service but you would like to give it a test-run first. Just go the home-page at and fill in the information boxes for the 30-day trial. Click on the bright pink box at the top, right-hand corner of the page. You don’t have any commitment to enroll in the monthly service after the free trial. If you do enjoy the service after the trial period then the monthly fee is 8.99 pounds for three months. The trial is a brilliant way to explore Sky entertainment before you buy. Just make sure your two devices are compatible for the service so that you won’t have any surprises. There are 20 new movie premieres each month to keep you busy.

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